Diversity and Inclusion

Celebrating diversity at Endurance Group

Different together

As a business made of many different people and brands, we truly believe that difference and diversity makes us stronger - as a company and a community. Always open and inclusive, we draw on the strengths of our different personalities, experiences and mindsets to go further, faster. 

A culture of belonging
True companions, we treat each other the same way we do our customers – with open-minds, genuine interest, and a real sense of care. Because businesses, regardless of their size, can and should be a driving force for good. And that starts with us. So at Endurance Group, we’re deeply and genuinely committed to building a culture where everyone can share ideas, achieve their potential, and make a positive difference.

Meet our diversity champions

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I pledge to do everything I can to create a global culture that celebrates differences, and provide everyone at Endurance Group the support they need to grow, thrive and succeed.
Tom Aurelio
Chief People Officer
Just as we celebrate individuality in our customers, we mirror the same values in our recruiting, leadership, and employee growth. Having a mix of opinions and people whose differences may be visible or invisible matters to us. It’s smart business. It enables us to think about things differently and provides us collectively with a better ability to be creative in our solutions.
Christine Barry, COO Web Presence 
Kim Simone, COO Digital Marketing
our employee slide
Being in the technology industry has allowed me to see firsthand the power diverse cultures can have on innovation. It’s one of the things I love most about my current role as General Manager of Bluehost. We put a tremendous amount of focus on diversity and building a culture of inclusion to foster a healthy level of dialogue and increased collaboration, which in turn drives innovation. I’m thankful every day to work for an organization that understands the importance of embracing diversity and creating an environment where every team member feels a sense of belonging! 
Suhaib Zaheer 
General Manager, Bluehost